Oral-B Pro-Health Stages For Kids
Fifty years of expertise has taught us that kids' oral care needs change as they grow. So we've designed each and every Stages toothbrush to meet the specific needs that your child's age and development demands.

Make brushing more fun for your kids with the help of their favorite characters using the Disney Magic Timer app from Oral-B.

They’re Growing Up So Fast
0-2 Years

They grow up so fast. Today, it's tender gums; tomorrow, their first tooth. While it can feel daunting to keep up with your baby's rapid growth, feel good knowing our 0-2 years brush is designed to do just that. Featuring one of your child’s favourite Disney characters, Winnie the Pooh.

They're Picking It Up
3-5 Years

With a full set of 20 baby teeth, this is the perfect age to help children grow their brushing skills. Encourage your child to establish healthy brushing habits with their favorite Disney characters. Including: Frozen, Cars, Mickey Mouse products.

Look, Mom, I'm Doing It!
6-12 Years

As more and more of your child's teeth become permanent, they need a brush designed to meet their growing needs. Help them express their independence while keeping brushing fun with their favourite Disney characters. Including: Frozen, Disney Princesses and Star Wars.

Independent and connected
12+ Years

They are now brushing their own teeth and often finding their own motivation to do it. Help them brush like dental professionals recommend with a 2 minute timer and a pressure control sensor that slows down and alerts them if they press too hard. Featuring Bluetooth technology, this brush connects to the Oral-B App for smart coaching, including the Funzone with special features.

Learn More About Kids' Oral Care

Learn More About Kids' Oral Care

Children have different oral care needs as they grow. Find articles on how to help children of every age.