Our Ambition: Healthy Oral Care Habits for All.

Healthy oral care habits mean more than good teeth. It is key to wellbeing and impacts quality of life, self-esteem and ability to speak, smile, smell, taste and chew. Our vision is simple: advance healthy oral care habits to transform people’s health while reducing our impact on our planet. We set a goal to educate and enable 2 billion people to adopt healthy oral care habits by 2030, driving responsible consumption along the way.

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Through the power of collaboration, commitment and continuous improvement, we partner with dental professionals, retailers, suppliers, research organizations and third parties to ensure people and the planet thrive, today and for generations to come.

Our approach is designed to inspire healthy oral care habits through education, access to dental products and services, and innovation that makes the adoption of healthy habits easy and enjoyable.

Here is a look at how we are making progress on our journey.

  • Education: We collaborate with dental professionals across the globe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when people couldn’t visit their dentist, we helped protect oral health through educational articles, videos and livestreaming sessions.

  • Access: In North America, Oral-B is providing $1 million in donated product and dental care to high-risk individuals through a partnership with Dental Lifeline Network. In China, we have donated more than $2.7 million worth of Crest Sonic Power Toothbrushes to improve people’s oral health.

  • Innovation: We are passionate about developing products that advance healthy habits for people and planet, from apps providing adults with dental coaching and our free Disney Magic Timer app that makes 90% of kids brush for longer, to products and packaging that generate less waste. Our Clic manual toothbrush helps reduce 60% of plastic waste and we are starting to move to recyclable toothpaste tubes in 2021.

Our Commitments

We believe the world will be a better place when people are healthier, the environment is well-protected and quality of life improves for everybody. That’s why we are committing to inspire healthy habits for both people and the planet.

Healthy Habits for People

  Goal: Educate and enable 2 billion people to adopt healthy oral care habits by 2030.

Improve access to superior oral care tools and solutions to establish better oral health habits, starting in childhood.

Goal: Enable consumers to easily access our ingredients and safety principles.

Continue to provide safe products with transparency.

Healthy Habits for Planet

  Goal: Make our packaging 100% recyclable by 2030

Minimize our environmental lifecycle impact, encouraging and enabling responsible consumption habits

  Goal: Enable consumers to easily access our ingredients and safety principles.

Goal: Reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 50% across our operations by 2030.

  • We will purchase 100% renewable electricity globally and reduce our environmental footprint, striving for circular solutions.

  • We will maintain zero manufacturing waste to landfill across all P&G Oral Care production facilities.

  • We will improve our water efficiency by 35% by 2030.

  Goal: Partner with our suppliers to confirm responsible sourcing of plant, animal and mineral-derived priority materials by 2030.

Secure transparent and responsible sourcing.

Throughout our work, we strive to enable everyone to have a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Join us as we collectively unlock the transformative power of healthy habits.

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