Power on Early Habits: Electric Toothbrushes for Kids


Why Choose Electric for Kids

Electric toothbrushes offer plenty of benefits, especially when it comes to the oral health of your child: 

  • Nurtures good habits: Electric toothbrushes help make brushing more fun so kids are less inclined to fuss every morning and evening when it’s time to brush their teeth. Paired with kid-friendly brushing apps, these brushes help kids stay excited about their oral hygiene as they brush the dentist-recommended two minutes.  

  • Provides a better clean: It’s well-known that power brushes are more efficient at brushing teeth. They remove the plaque that contributes to cavities, cover more areas, and promote improved oral health overall.  

  • Lasts a lifetime: Research¹ has shown that long-term use of electric toothbrush helps maintain gum health and prevent tooth loss, so your kids have a better chance of retaining more of their natural smiles as they grow older.  

When to Start Using an Electric Toothbrush 

The best time to introduce an electric toothbrush into your child’s routine is after the age of three. Once their baby teeth have fully come in and they are more equipped to start brushing on their own with guidance from you, they’re ready to enjoy the benefits a power brush provides. The best part? Electric toothbrushes take on most of the work so using them is both fun and easy.  

Finding the Right Electric Toothbrush for Your Kids 

There are a range of age-appropriate toothbrushes featuring their favorite characters and colors to help make brushing fun. Electric toothbrushes for kids ages 3+ come with smaller brush heads and soft bristles to gently clean their teeth and gums along with cushioned, non-slip grip handles that fit perfectly into small hands. 

Good oral care habits that develop from a young age continue to last as they grow, so your child can maintain a healthy smile. Powering up their regimen of brushing twice and flossing at least once daily to include an electric toothbrush further nurtures this development and helps ensure their teeth stay strong well into adulthood.  

¹Pitchika V, Pink C, Völzke H, Welk A, Kocher T, Holtfreter B. Long-term impact of powered toothbrush on oral health: 11-year cohort study.      J Clin Periodontol. 2019. doi: 10.1111/jcpe.13126  *Compared to a manual toothbrush