Why Oral-B Toothpaste?

What are the Best Whitening Toothpastes?

Whitening Toothpastes for white teeth

Ask any of your closest friends if they want their teeth to be whiter, and a vast majority of them will say yes. Ask them again about what the best whitening toothpaste is, and they will each give a different answer. Having a whiter smile is more than just buying any toothpaste with the words “whitening” on the tube. In truth, searching for the bestwhitening toothpaste out there can be a real struggle if you don’t know where to look or what to look for.

How does Whitening Toothpaste work?

Did you know that 50% of people first look at the smile when meeting a new person? So, what criteria should you follow to find the best whitening toothpaste on the market? Here are a few examples to help narrow your search for the best whitening toothpaste.

  • Stain Removal: Stain removal whitens teeth by using physical and chemical actions such as mechanical stain disruption (e.g., from silica) and chemical stain disruption (e.g., from sodium hexametaphosphate). These combined actions help to disrupt and destroy the stain on the surface of the enamel, exposing a cleaner, whiter surface. Several whitening products base their benefits on these types of actions. Effective whitening toothpastes contain special silica particles that gently polish the enamel. Many Oral-B products contain a dual silica system that is a combination of cleaning silica and a special whitening silica to gently clean and polish teeth for premium whitening.

  • Stain prevention: Chemical Stain Prevention is possible through phosphate technologies, such as pyrophosphates (found in Oral-B 3D White toothpastes) and polyphosphate (sodium hexametaphosphate) found in Oral-B toothpastes. Any toothpaste or rinse technology that also prevents the formation of tartar (Calculus) is stain preventing, as tartar can contribute to extrinsic stain buildup. Examples of tartar prevention ingredients include pyrophosphate and polyphosphate technologies.

Choosing a Whitening Toothpaste for You

The best whitening toothpastes help whiten your smile while providing additional benefits to help improve your oral health. So, what additional attributes can you look for when selecting the best whitening toothpaste for you? Some whitening toothpastes help to prevent the following oral health issues.

  • Antimicrobial: Antimicrobial toothpastes may contain stannous fluoride, an antibacterial agent that also provides anti-cavity and sensitivity benefits.

  • Tartar control: Tartar-control toothpastes may contain pyrophosphate which helps to keep tartar from forming on teeth. Advanced toothpaste formulations contain sodium hexametaphosphate, which helps prevent tartar and stain formation above the gum line.

  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity toothpastes may contain different compounds to help stop tooth pain, including stannous fluoride. If you experience tooth sensitivity, the best whitening toothpaste may also utilize multiple compounds to effectively whiten while treating tooth sensitivity on different levels.

Best Oral-B Whitening Toothpaste Options

If you are willing to go the extra mile consider how the revolutionary Oral-B’s, best teeth whitening 3D White Brilliance 2 Step Toothpaste can brilliantly whiten your smile. It is a unique two-step system, in which separated key ingredients work in tandem to help offer outstanding surface stain removal, an evenness of whitening, and better and longer lasting stain prevention.

  • Step 1 - Deep Cleaning Toothpaste

  • Step 2 - Whitening Finisher.

Use them together to keep your smile up to 99% as white as a Professional Polish*

*with daily use. Stain assessed 4 weeks after dental cleaning.

Now, the moment of truth. You’ve done the research and narrowed your list, so which toothpaste will be your whitening toothpaste?