Why Oral-B Toothpaste?

Sodium fluoride in toothpaste

Sodium fluoride in toothpaste

For every dentist the key priority is to protect the teeth of their patients; not just to provide them with treatment when something goes wrong, but to do everything in their power to avoid problems from happening in the first place.

In 1955 the addition of fluoride by P&G into toothpaste revolutionized the world of oral care. This single inclusion of fluoride dramatically improved the strength and health of patients’ teeth and over the coming years became the standard ingredient of all toothpastes, significantly reducing cavities in teeth. Since then there has been a potentially more revolutionary development: Stannous Complex that not only helps prevent cavities in teeth, but also helps prevent bad breath, teeth staining, teeth sensitivity, enamel erosion, dental plaque, and gum problems.

After 50 years P&G is again bringing a new innovation……

Only Stannous Complex is able to do this because while it strengthens teeth, and protects against cavities, it is also an effective antibacterial agent. Bacteria are responsible for a multitude of oral health problems that are seen in patients’ mouths.

Bacteria create acid in the mouth which if left unchecked, can erode the enamel surface. When the enamel is gone it can never be replaced, so protecting this natural force-field is critically important! Thinning of the enamel can make teeth more prone to cavities and exposes nerves, making teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

Bacterial growth can also lead to bad breath and gum irritation. In severe cases the gums are so weakened they can no longer support the tooth leading to partial or total tooth loss.

These scenarios sound serious – and indeed they are – but in most cases they are preventable. Regular check-ups with a dentist, supported by brushing teeth well with an effective multi-benefit toothpaste should mean that most patients can prevent these oral care problems from developing. If you or your dentist notices any new issues developing perhaps you should consider trying something new.

Oral-B Pro-Expert All in One is a product recommended for patients who want ensure complex oral care. As to avoid reaching the stage where treatment is necessary; it means that something has gone wrong. Instead, what dentists want to work towards with their patients is the day when together with the right oral care products and practices they can prevent problems from arising on the areas dentists check most often: cavities in teeth, dental plaque, gum problems, teeth sensitivity, enamel erosion, teeth stains, fresh breath.