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Oral-B Pro Sensitive Clean Toothbrush Heads

  • Oral-B Sensi Ultra-Thin Electric Toothbrush Heads

Oral-B Pro Sensitive Clean Toothbrush Heads

The Oral-B Pro Sensitive Clean features extra soft bristles that are gentle on gums, combined with regular bristles that are tough on plaque.


  • Removes up to 100% more bacterial plaque for cleaner teeth and healthier gums vs. a manual toothbrush

  • Only genuine Oral-B brush heads feature X-shape bristles that clean in areas that regular ones cannot reach for optimal cleaning efficacy

  • Oral-B Sensitive Clean features high density of extra soft bristles for a gentle and effective clean


  • Alabaster White

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Sold by THG Ingenuity

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Our gentlest cleaning experience

Inspired by professional dental tools, the Sensi UltraThin toothbrush head is designed in a round petal shape with soft UltraThin bristles to give you the gentlest Oral-B brushing experience.

Round Head Cleans Better*

Oral-B’s round head contours to surround each tooth for cleaner teeth and healthier gums*.

*vs. standard manual toothbrush

Designed with Dentists

Round head with a combination of ultrathin and regular bristles that are gentle on gums, but tough on plaque.

New Brush Head After Three Months

Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months, or sooner if bristles are faded and worn. Oral-B replacement toothbrush heads feature indicator bristles that fade halfway to help remind you when to replace your toothbrush head to maintain a superior clean*.

*vs. standard manual toothbrush

Brush Heads Designed with Dentists

Oral-B brush refills are designed to perfectly fit your toothbrush and come with specialised features for great results. These features include end rounding to be gentle on gums, angled bristles to clean in-between teeth, and UltraThin bristles for extra gentle cleaning.

Perfectly Suitable for Junior 6+ Years Old

Number One Dentist Recommended*

Oral-B is not only designed with dentists; it’s also the number one toothbrush brand recommended by dentists worldwide. Discover for yourself the next level of oral care by Oral-B.

*based on surveys from 2014 of a representative worldwide sample of dentists carried out for P&G regularly

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