Why Oral-B Toothpaste?

Best Toothpaste for Sensitivity


Sensitivity, also known as dental hypersensitivity or dentinal hypersensitivity, is pain experienced, usually when eating or drinking. Most people have experienced a form of tooth pain at some point in their lives, so if you’re experiencing sensitivity, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there is an oral care option available that can help relief sensitivity. This article will help you find the best toothpaste from Oral-B with a formula designed for sensitive teeth by delivering a gentle clean.

In the inner structure of the tooth lies the pulp, which is a mixture of organic matter––blood vessels that feed the tooth and nerves. Surrounding the pulp is a layer of a substance called dentin, which is hard but porus. Running throughout the dentin are thousands of very thin tubes called 'tubules'. Tubules provide a channel from the inside of the living tooth and nerves to the enamel. The outer layer of the tooth crown is made of a very hard enamel layer, which is the hardest structure in the human body. The enamel only covers the outer surface of the tooth above the gum line and does not cover the area below the gum line called the tooth root, which is covered by a structure called cementum.

In healthy teeth, the tubules are covered by the gums and cementum in the tooth root, and below the enamel layer in the outer crown surface of the tooth. However, in unhealthy teeth, stimuli travel through the tubuli to reach the nerves and excite them, causing sensitivity.

Choosing the Best Oral-B Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Toothpaste formulas designed for sensitive teeth can help deliver a more gentle clean while also providing instense comfort. They contain ingredients such as stannous fluoride so you feel less discomfort when brushing.

Stannous fluoride blocks the tubule holes, shielding the nerves in the tooth from external stimuli and helps to deliver a gentle, but effective clean. The following toothpaste formula from Oral-B has proven highly effective in protecting against sensitive teeth.

Oral-B Sensitivity and Gum Calm toothpaste is specifically designedfor sensitive teeth. The unique formula features ACTIVCALM Technology, which is developed alongside dentists to help form a protective layer for immediate sensitivity relief. Plus, its gentle foam creates in-mouth comfort while also cooling gums during and after brushing for a more soothing sensation.

Toothpaste formulas designed for sensitive teeth can also be paired with an electric toothbrush. Some electric toothbrushes may feature a sensitive setting or mode that can be used in conjunction with the sensitivity toothpaste of your choice. Combining these sensitivity options can help you feel comfortable enough to maintain your oral care routine of twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing.