Find the Best Water Flosser for You

Find the Best Water Flosser for You  undefined

Why Use a Water Flosser?  

It’s recommended that you add flossing at least once a day to your oral care routine. But traditional string flossing can be painful if you have sensitive gums or teeth. Nonetheless, it is imperative for overall oral health. That’s where water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, come into play. While they’re not a replacement for flossing, they’re a great addition to your daily oral routine. They massage your gums to improve overall oral health and promote gum health. But with so many different models, finding the best water flosser can seem impossible, so here are a few things to consider when purchasing one.  

What is the Best Water Flosser For You?  

When it comes to choosing the best oral irrigator, or teeth water flosser for you, personal preference obviously plays a tremendous role. That’s why finding one with versatile features can help if you have varying needs. A water flosser with multiple pressure settings—especially a mode specifically designed for those with sensitive gums—can be useful to help you customize the best clean for you. It’s also great for families who may have multiple members using it. 

Best Water Flosser For Braces?  

Food and other debris can get trapped between wires and brackets. In most instances, it can become cumbersome to remove any leftover plaque or food from braces. Fortunately, with the right oral care you can get a more comprehensive clean for your braces, teeth, and gums. A water flosser with multiple modes like those in Oral-B’s lineup is perfect for a person with braces. Variable modes allow you to customize your clean while removing food from hard-to-reach places between braces. Plus, their on-demand pulse setting offers a precise, targeted clean with pressure and pulsation to help remove plaque and food particles from brackets and wires. 

Water Flosser for Families  

With the removable nozzle, the Oral-B Aqaurecare Pro-Expert Irrigator is perfect for an entire family. Simply replace nozzles for each member before and after use. Plus, water flossers can be a fun addition to a regular routine of twice-daily brushing and flossing. Water flossers, when used in combination with string floss, offer an easy and more effective interdental clean while also offering a more exciting clean for growing kids.  

Water Flosser Reviews   

Oral-B’s oral irrigators have received praise from dental professionals and consumers alike. Be sure to check out reviews and ratings from other customers who’ve tried Oral-B water flossers for themselves.