Why Should You Replace Your Brush Head?

Why Should You Replace Your Brush Head?

Dental professionals recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months or sooner if you notice any frayed bristles. This recommendation is based on a variety of reasons as to why you should replace your toothbrush or electric brush head. Here’s why you need to replace your brush head every 90 days to continue to get a complete and effective clean.  

Why Should You Replace Your Brush Head? 

It’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes each session. However, bristles can get frayed and weakened, affecting the cleaning efficacy of your toothbrush. Here are the top reasons why you should replace your brush head: 

  • Gum Care: Every time you brush your teeth you help to break up and loosen the plaque that has taken root on tooth surfaces and along the gum line. However, when bristles become too worn out, they lose their ability to remove more plaque which can lead to gum issues down the line.   

  • Breath: Plaque bacteria and leftover food debris can all contribute to a less-than-pleasant odor from the mouth. When brush head bristles become frayed, they are unable to fully remove all the bad breath-causing agents from your teeth and tongue, resulting in a less-than-ideal clean.  

  • Plaque Buildup: If the bristles become worn down or frayed your brush head is no longer fully equipped to combat plaque buildup. By not removing enough plaque during each session, the risk of it hardening into tartar increases along with tooth discoloration, and other oral care issues.  

Find the Oral-B Brush Head That’s Best for You 

Replacing your brush head regularly is important to your oral care, but which brush head you use also matters. Oral-B dentist-inspired round brush heads offer up many benefits when it comes to delivering a clean that’s tailored to your needs. From ultrathin bristles designed specifically to deliver a gentle clean to perfectly angled bristles that can reach deep between teeth for a whole-mouth clean.  

The Oral-B Brush Head Comparison Guide can help you identify the type of brush head that’s best for your oral care needs. If you’re still unsure as to which brush head to use, speak to your dental professional for a personal recommendation.  

Brush Head Refresh Reminders 

Not everyone tracks how long they’ve been using a particular toothbrush or brush head. That’s why Oral-B’s refill subscription can help—not only can you save on the brush head that’s right for you, but you’ll get order reminders and fresh brush heads delivered right to your door. Plus, brushing with the Oral-B app can also help you keep track of exactly how long you’ve been brushing with a particular refill.  

Many Oral-B electric toothbrush heads feature CleanMaximiser technology that’s designed to ensure you’re always brushing with fresh bristles. They include indicator bristles which turn green bristles to yellow to signal when it’s time for a change.  

Be sure to maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine of brushing at least twice daily, flossing once every day, and visiting a dental professional every 6 months to maintain healthy gums and teeth.  

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