How do I clean my Oral-B iO electric toothbrush?

Because one of the main purposes of a toothbrush is to remove bacteria from your mouth, it’s important to keep your toothbrush sanitary and free of bacteria.

• After brushing, rinse your brush head thoroughly under running water.

• Remove the brush head from the handle and clean both parts separately under running water.

• If necessary, it is OK to use a mild detergent/cleanser and water to clean the outside of the handle.

• Wipe the head and the brush dry or let air dry before you put the handle on the charger.

Note: Do not put the toothbrush handle or brush heads in boiling water or into a dishwasher/washing machine. Doing so exposes them to high temperatures which can result in damage to the handle/heads. This can also impair the seal of the handle and allow water in, causing a moldy smell.

Further tips:

• Cover when traveling

• Don't share brush

• Replace brush head every 3 months

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