How can I get my Position Detection feature to work in the new app?

Position Detection and Brushing Recognition should continue to work as long as your Bluetooth connection is secure.

To brush without the disruptions, make sure your phone is in “normal” mode and not on “power saving.”

If you continue to experience connectivity issues, you may need to manually reconnect your Oral-B brush to the latest Oral-B app.

Follow the steps below to manually reconnect or add your new Oral-B electric toothbrush to the latest Oral-B app:

  1. Open up your Oral-B app and navigate to the “DEVICES’ screen
  2. Select the “YOUR BRUSH” option from the menu
  3. Tap “CONNECT NEW BRUSH” at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select “YES” when prompted to connect your toothbrush
  5. Tap “START” on the welcome screen
  6. Press the power button on your electric toothbrush once to activate Bluetooth
  7. The app will let you know when your electric toothbrush has been located
  8. You can turn off your electric toothbrush after it has successfully connected to the app

If you’re still experiencing connectivity issues please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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