Can I use the Oral-B app without owning a Bluetooth enabled Oral-B toothbrush?

Yes, a manual timer is included that can be used with any manual or power brush.

If no Bluetooth enabled Oral-B brush was ever connected to your app, the manual timer will appear directly with in the “brush now” section. You will have to skip the “connect your toothbrush” screen. Just press start when you begin to brush, and press stop when your session is finished.

Note, no data will be stored, no AI-recognition, no coaching or “too much pressure” notifications are part of this function. It is just guiding you to brush the desired time. For all other features you would need an Oral-B Bluetooth enabled toothbrush. To avoid Bluetooth notifications (needed for a connected brush) popping up, you can turn on the Bluetooth permission.

If a Bluetooth enabled Oral-B brush was connected to your app before, please completely reinstall the app and don’t connect any other Bluetooth enabled Oral-B brush. The app can be used either as manual timer only or with a connected brush with all features related to that brush.

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