Can children use Oral-B electric toothbrushes?

Yes, children can use any power brush in our range (including adult versions) once they reach age 3. Children under 3 should not use power brushes as the gum has not finished developing and young children have sensitive teeth. Once a child reaches an age where a power brush becomes appropriate, we recommend one specifically designed for children. These brushes feature a brush head that is smaller than our standard brush heads and can easily fit in smaller mouths. Also, they come with a colorful and fun design to motivate children to brush.

Many of our children's products contain an age statement. This can be due to the product design, or the particular character featured on the product, being appropriate for a given age group. Please always follow the age guidelines on the package.

Which brush head should I use if my child has braces?

All of our electric toothbrush heads are safe to use on braces. Precision Clean is an excellent option because it has longer bristles at the top and bottom which will "cup" around a tooth with a brace and penetrate hard-to-reach areas. If your child prefers a more gentle clean, try our Sensitive Clean brush head.

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