Oral-B Complete

For A Whole Mouth Clean and Long Lasting Fresh Breath
Discover the New Oral-B Complete toothpaste range: it combines the proven cleaning performance of our toothpaste with real Oral-B Complete mouthwash for a whole mouth clean and a long lasting fresh breath.
Toothpaste And Mouthwash
Work Together For A Clean Mouth With
Fresh Breath That Lasts Through The Day

2in1 Toothpaste + Mouthwash

It combines the proven cleaning of Oral-B
Complete toothpaste with the refreshing
power of Oral-B Complete Mouthwash for
a whole mouth clean and a fresh breath
that lasts through the day.

24hrs Fresh Breath*

Experience up to 24hrs Fresh Breath* with Oral-B Complete. It has invigoratingly fresh flavors and a special long lasting freshness molecule, which is designed to interact with receptors in the mouth resulting in an extra fresh sensation.

*up to 24hrs fresh breath with 2/day usage

Whole Mouth Clean

Get a whole mouth clean, even in hard to reach areas, with Oral-B Complete. It contains Zinc, an anti-bacterial agent that inhibits plaque growth through the day and maximum level of Fluoride for cavity protection.

Watch and see our product in action!
Extra White
This toothpaste contains two types of whitening beads that act as stain removers so that you can flash a beautifully whiter smile.
Long Lasting Fresh
This toothpaste contains a special long lasting freshness
molecule and an antibacterial agent that fights odour-causing bacteria, leaving you with fresh breath for up to 24hrs*.

*with 2/day usage
White & Naturally Fresh
This toothpaste is infused with herbal extracts to give you a natural feeling of freshness and contains whitening beads to help keep the natural whiteness of your teeth.
Refreshing Clean
This toothpaste has an active foam that cleans even in hard to reach areas and an antibacterial agent that helps fight plaque for a clean and fresh mouth.
See What People Are Saying About Our Products
"I like the long lasting benefit... It protects my teeth more effectively than other toothpaste I have used. Freshness feeling can be felt for hours after use, even after challenges like food and drinks."